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Since you started your website or webshop, you have been focusing on writing the right texts for your visitors. Your menu looks well-structured and your blog posts are shared on Twitter and Facebook. A bit. All products have been inserted and are showing on your website.

You have tried so many things

In the past months, you have checked online website review tools that told you your pages didn’t have meta descriptions on every page and you weren’t using H1 headings, but your robots.txt file looked fine. After some work, your website is finally what you want it to be and you are waiting for that first wave of new customers and of course with the extra sales these customers will bring you.

But after two more months, these new visitors still haven’t found your website and you are becoming desperate: “What am I doing wrong?”.

Extensive to-do list: the Silver SEO Review

This is where we can be of help. Our Silver SEO review is the next step in really improving your website or webshop. Our team of experts will go over your website and let you know what things can be further improved and how you should address these issues.

After receiving our Silver SEO Review, you will have an extensive to-do list for yourself and your web designer or developer (in case you are not all three at the same time, of course). We will tell you what you have done right and show you how to improve the things that can be improved.

If necessary, we link articles on the web that explain the issue or give the solution to the issue. And in every case you feel that we haven’t told you enough, you are free to ask any and all questions after receiving the review. We will never let you in the dark about anything we mention in the review.


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