About us

About Us

Ideea = Innovative Digital Elements to Engage and Amaze

The internet is a constantly evolving environment with billions of users worldwide.  While the elements, such as websites and apps are constantly growing, the result will always remains the same.  We strive to innovate these elements to engage and amaze our audience.  We hope you'll join us and together we'll build a Go Ideea!

Media entrepreneur Joe Wehinger founded this company in 2008.  His background in entertainment (film director, producer and executive producer) led to producing internet-based content just as the web 2.0 social media boon launched.  

The IDEEA Factory team consists of artists, production crew, filmmakers, programmers and designers who help companies bring their stories, products and services to audiences in remarkable ways.

Our services combine multiple platforms including website, smart phone, social media, video and live events. Each project receives strategy for audience awareness, activity for high levels of engagement, and growth potential for on-going brand loyalty and sales.

Our client roster includes a range of global brands as well as niche, regional businesses including: authors, media brands, music artists, charities, live events, schools and industrial professionals. 

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At Ideea Factory, we believe in better ideas created an innovative way. Through the years, we’ve morphed from a non-traditional marketing agency into a full-service shop. Today, our team is filled with intellectually curious individuals who are eager to solve your challenges. We’re ready to put our team to work for you.

Web Design
Digital Marketing
Smart Device Apps
Video Production
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Exceptional Service

Personalized to your needs

Creative Storytelling

Advanced use of technology

Multiple designs

Understanding visually

Sophisticated Team

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We translate your idea into innovative digital elements.


We engage your audience, holding their full attention to you.


We surprise your audience so much they go out and talk about you.